Were She to Work. 2015. Mexico City/Cambridge, England

Written and brought to life across two different cities, the piece is a first attempt at transnational theatre production. Participants in both Cambridge and Mexico City serve as avatars for the principal characters of story, entering their streams of consciousness through a mixture of pre-recorded first-person monologues and live interactions with actors.

At the beginning of the piece, participants are equipped with a set of headphones, a set of keys, a mobile phone and a bag filled with their character's personal effects.  Following the sounds of each character's footsteps, participants are lead on an ambulatory experience that takes them through city streets, museums and finally into the character's private spaces. 

"Were She To Work/Si Ella Trabajara" is an exploration of the limits of personal agency, the human capacity to idealize, and the complex power dynamics that animate transnational relationships within the digitized, globalized world.