Sexuality Education





Since 2012, I’ve led dozens of workshops for thousands of people in Mexico, the US, and Europe. My focus has been on pleasure for women, trans, and nonbinary people. I’ve worked in tandem with grassroots collectives and independently.

In 2018, I co-founded Vulgar, a sex ed group focused on pleasure and social justice. We do workshops all over Mexico City for groups ranging from public highschool students to activists to companies. Our focus is sex-positive, anti-racist, and pleasure-oriented. And our approach is fun: we use interactive and arts-based learning in everything we do! 

We were recently organizing ¡Qué vulgaridad!, a national conference on sexuality and pleasure for young activists across Mexico (Thank you, CAMY Fund!), but had to cancel a week out because of Covid-19 :(. Now we’re developing alternative plans for online content. Follow us on social media for more info!